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Silica Up: Silicon Supplement (0-0-17)


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Silica Up is a silica supplement that will help improve plant health and increase yields.

Plants that are supplemented with Silica Up have stronger cellular structure, giving them the stability needed to pack on significant weight during flowering. This is why growers who use silica for plants see increased yields at harvest time!

Formulated with 17%  Soluble Potash and 17% Silicate, Future Harvest’s Silica Up is compatible with soil, coco and hydroponic applications. 

Silica Up has been rigorously tested to ensure 100% water-solubility with a guaranteed analysis of  active ingredients derived from Potassium Silicate. Using our silica for plants ensures that you need not worry of clogged drip lines or nutrient fallout sediment at the bottom of a nutrient solution as Silica Up has a completely water soluble formula.

Silica Up can be used with every feeding and in all stages of growing, from rooting into vegetative growth and flowering! Whether you are growing vegetables, ornamentals or other high value crops,

Silica up is a powerful supplement requiring just 1ml per every 4L of water! In soil applications, using silica for plants helps change the structure and chemical makeup of the soil to neutralize potential metal toxicity.

But wait, there’s more!

Silica Up also makes a perfect environmentally-friendly pH up adjuster, without the corrosive properties of stronger pH adjusters.

Silica Up is among the safest and most user-friendly pH adjusters on the market today! Future Harvest carries the liquid formula in a wide range of sizes for home growers and bulk sizes for commercial agricultural applications!

Key Features:

  • A perfect silica supplement for soil, coco and hydroponics
  • Helps to remove heavy metal toxicity in soil
  • Doubles as a pH up pH adjuster
  • No shipping restrictions by Transport Canada


Additional Info

To adjust the pH level of your solution with Silica Up, test your solution with a pH meter or test strip and add small increments of Silica Up (while mixing the solution) until you’ve reached a desired pH level. We recommend an optimal pH range of 5.8-6.3. Mix Silica Up at a dilution rate of 0.25 ml for each liter of water.


Product Comparison:

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  • Advanced Nutrients: Rhino Skin
  • Green Planet: Plant Guard
  • Emerald Harvest: Sturdy Stalk

1L / 1 QUART, 4L / 1 GALLON, 20L / 5 GALLON


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